Thursday, September 3, 2015

My Favorite Cheesesteak

While I may live in the Philadelphia area, my favorite Philly style cheese steak is found not in the City of Brotherly Love, but about 2 hours south near Charm City, or Baltimore, MD.

Half an hour outside of Baltimore in Hunt Valley is a tiny joint called Pizza Connection. I've never had anything there I didn’t like, but when I lived in the area the real reason they recognized my phone number was their cheese steaks.

You walk into this tiny restaurant off York Rd with a small counter where they take your order, a few tables if you feel like eating there, a drinks cooler, and a small TV showing some news about local sports teams. You get your sub and you take a bite of what I believe to be one of the best sandwiches out there.

Let’s get the big selling point out of the way first: they use pizza dough for the bread. It’s amazing. I don’t know why more pizza/sub shops haven’t taken advantage of this opportunity. On top of this, they are generous with their filling, and they don’t charge extra for toppings, and it all just tastes so good.

I like to get lettuce, mayo, provolone cheese, and fried onions. My dad likes to get sweet peppers on his and you can’t go wrong with tomatoes or mushrooms. I know it isn’t traditional, and any of my purest friends will scorn me, but I don’t care, it’s tasty.

If you are ever in Northern Baltimore County I urge you stop in at this tiny hole-in-the-wall pizza shop and try one of their delicious creations.

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