Friday, September 4, 2015

Curry Chicken Salad

Chicken salad is a great way to get cheap and flavorful protein into your diet. The easy conversion into a sandwich makes it portable and easy to pack as a lunch. Chicken salad recipes can be really basic or way over-complicated. At its core, chicken salad is usually cut up chicken breast, mayo, and spices or flavorings. This recipe kicks things up a bit flavor-wise, without getting too complicated.


2 chicken breasts cooked and cut into cubes or shredded
¼ C of mayo
Salt to taste
Black pepper to taste
¼ t of dried thyme leaves
¼ t of curry powder
½ C seedless grapes cut in half


Mix the chicken with the mayo and then stir in the salt and pepper. Honestly, at this point you have a pretty good chicken salad that I like to take to work for lunch all the time. But, for something a little more special, I add the thyme leaves and curry powder. After the chicken is thoroughly and evenly coated, gently stir in the grapes. Be careful not to be too vigorous, we aren't making jelly. Enjoy out of the bowl or make into a great sandwich.

My wife suggests that, if you are going to shred the chicken, you should slice the grapes thinner so that it spreads easier on a sandwich. It might also be easier to mix the spices into the may before mixing in with the chicken so that they easily mix evenly.

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